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Welcome to Essential Cardano360, your go-to source for the latest updates and news from the Cardano ecosystem. In this first edition of 2024, we're thrilled to bring you a roundup of just some of the recent developments shaping the Cardano ecosystem.

In this month's episode, we shine the spotlight on projects #BuildingOnCardano such as Ergo’s Rosen Bridge, ZenGate Global, and NEWM. Join us for exclusive interviews, insights into Cardano BuidlerFest, and an update from Atala . Plus, hear about the latest developments from Project Catalyst, Intersect, and Voltaire.

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🔗Useful Links:

🔗Join the Intersect MBO

🔗Follow the Intersect MBO on X for all the latest updates

🔗Xerberus’ Independent audit and insights from the CIP-1694 temperature check ballot

🔗IOG contributes Atala PRISM to Hyperledger Foundation

🔗Learn more about Atala Prism

🔗Project Catalyst Fund 11 voting instructions

🔗Catalyst Working Groups - a proposal to the Cardano community and how to get involved

🔗Register to Cardano Buidler Fest


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