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Welcome to Essential Cardano360, May 2024 edition!👋

Get ready to dive into the latest and greatest updates from the ever-evolving Cardano ecosystem.

🔍 This month, our update includes several key developments within the Cardano ecosystem. Tune in for the latest from the Intersect member-based organization, and get details from the RareEvo team about what to expect at the RareEvo event in August 2024.

The zkFold team will join us to provide the latest developments on their project. Discover their progress and its implications for scalability on Cardano.

Additionally, Arnaud will share highlights from the BuilderFest event, offering insights into collaborations emerging from this gathering.

Finally, the Marlowe team will discuss their transition to a community-driven development model, explaining how this shift is set to involve and empower developers within the Cardano ecosystem.

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