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Welcome to Essential Cardano360, your go-to source for the latest updates and news from the Cardano ecosystem. In this November edition, we're thrilled to bring you a roundup of the most recent developments shaping the Cardano ecosystem.

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🌟 Cardano360 November Highlights 🌟

🎙️In this episode we’ll be featuring exclusive interviews from the Cardano Summit. We'll be shining a spotlight on some incredible projects within the Cardano ecosystem, including Axo, Minswap, Iagon, Atrium Labs, and Optim.

🎙️ Special Guests: The Marlowe team will be in the spotlight, providing an in-depth look at their latest product, Marlowe Runner.

🎙️We'll also bring you the latest on all things Voltaire, with a focus on the Cardano Ballot. This is your chance to actively participate and share your feedback on the progress of the CIP-1694 governance journey.

Cardano Ballot on CIP1694 opens on Dec 1 and closes on Dec 11 at 21:44 UTC

Don't miss this chance to submit your feedback in this nonbinding poll on progress made thus far in the Voltaire governance journey.

The feedback gathered will be shared with the community and help inform 2024 plans and priorities in governance activities and development.

Follow this link to Learn more.

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📌Check Marlowe Runner on the preprod.

📌Marlowe Runner preview

📌Follow Marlowe X (Twitter) for more news and updates.



📌SanchoNet govtool

📌The Cardano Ballot event - a community temperature check on CIP-1694 progress


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