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CIP-1694 Community Workshops


Where you are – throughout May, June, and July 2023


- Tokyo, Japan – June, 2023

- Edinburgh, Scotland – July, 2023

CIP-1694 marks the first iteration of Cardano’s on-chain governance. Given its importance, achieving broad consensus is vital as Cardano looks to the future. To make that happen, it’s equally important the community conducts its own governance discussions and events. 

The recent Cardano governance workshop in Colorado in early March, and a recap online event on 30th of March, are good examples of this collaboration. Led by key contributors and thought leaders in the community, both workshops sparked deep engagement and insight gathering, capturing inputs from a broad spectrum of community interests and experiences. Participants engaged in a range of collaborative activities and discussions to refine and debate the on-chain governance system proposed in CIP-1694. The workshops were productive, established a model for future community events, and highlighted the importance of collaboration and inclusivity in governance frameworks. 

The conversations on CIP-1694 thus far are only the start. Today, a grant program is opening up to support community workshops across May, June, and July 2023. The global community events will be punctuated by two workshops held in Tokyo, Japan, and Edinburgh, Scotland during June and July co-hosted by EMURGO and IOG. Edinburgh's event in July will wrap up the year's workshops and bookend the feedback loop on CIP-1694 design. Dates for each co-hosted event will be announced in early May.

How can I get involved?

There's an open invitation for global community leaders and groups to run their own workshops, with financial support made available. This is your chance to bring Cardano and discussions on governance to your local community. The community-led events should welcome everyone wanting to participate and contribute to Cardano’s governance. If you are interested in running a workshop on CIP-1694, we’re seeking applications that cover some or all of the following:

  • Events can be held both virtually and in-person, with varying degrees of support available depending on location and expected participation

  • Events must be accessible and inclusive. In-person events are expected to cater to the local geography/community 

  • Applicants should be able to demonstrate capability, capacity, and previous experience to:

    • Build a local event team

    • Sourcing a suitable venue

    • Organize local vendors for food & drinks

    • Communicating and socializing the event (there will be additional support)

  • Ideally, applicants should already have a good technical grasp of CIP-1694 to facilitate their event effectively 

  • It’s advantageous if applicants have relevant experience running a Cardano community group and/or have hosted previous events

What support is available?

 All community-led hosts will be supported with:

  • $500 per virtual event and up to $5,000 per in-person event

  • Financial support is intended to cover a mix of:

    • Event setup/venues and any infrastructure required

    • Refreshments and food depending on event

    • Administration to facilitate such as rewards or bounties to moderators and hosts

    • Merchandise and swag for attendees/hosts

    • Awareness and socializing campaign

  • Workshop materials, including Miro templates, briefing documents, suggested agenda, and more

The outputs

Each workshop will produce a summary of outputs in the agreed format that will be collated into larger themes and topics that may warrant further discussion or consideration. Each host will be expected to run a post-workshop survey.

Additionally, each host will have the opportunity to nominate a representative to deliver their workshops’ output at the final event in Edinburgh (a fixed travel stipend will support travel costs).

The application process

  1. Application form: community leaders and groups to apply for their event/s by May 1st 2023 to be considered 

  2. Event review and location: we will review all applications and select the locations and virtual events that cover the broadest spectrum of the Cardano ecosystem. 

  3. Final confirmation: all applicants and the wider community will receive communication by May 5 about which events are confirmed and how they can participate.

  4. Debriefing call: during the week commencing May 8, we will host two debriefing calls (across two time zones) for confirmed hosts and their respective team/s. There will also be further support available during office hours.

Apply today!

Those wanting to host a community-led event can apply here. Applications are open from Tuesday April 18 and close on Monday May 1, 2023 at 23:00 UTC. 


Can I run more than one event?

Yes, this is possible, and you can indicate your plans on the application form. That being said, to maintain a broad representation of community groups, or if there are duplications (for example the same location for two or more events), we may request revisions to your application. We will not reject applications for being ambitious or wanting to reach wider audiences, but please bear in mind we may ask you to reconsider parts of your plan if there are multiple applications for the same location, etc.

How long should the event be?

If your proposed workshop is in-person, we expect it to be a full day. If virtual, 2-3 hours is recommended but this remains flexible. The key thing here is to capture valuable community input as effectively (and enjoyably!) as possible.

How will financial support be provided?

Financial support is available and will cover both virtual and in-person workshops. For every virtual workshop that is successful in its application, a payment of $500 will be awarded. For in-person workshops, this increases to $5,000 and will require evidence of venue hire and other associated costs. $5,000 is a cap, not a target, and a cost breakdown will be required as part of your application. 

Payments will be made post-event (for both virtual and in-person meets), however in some circumstances we may provide financial support earlier (for example to secure venues etc). Your workshop outputs will be required as part of the criteria for your grant.

Will IOG, the Cardano Foundation, and/or EMURGO representatives join workshops?

Yes! But given the anticipated breadth of events, it will depend on location, date, and time. As a result, attendance by IOG, the Cardano Foundation, or EMURGO cannot be guaranteed. If your application is successful, and there is an opportunity for representatives to participate, they will confirm with hosts directly.

When will the last event be held?

The wrap-up event will be in Edinburgh in mid-July. Any community workshops must have been completed and shared their outputs at least 5 days prior.

CIP-1694コミュニティワークショップ – 2023年5月、6月、7月


東京 – 2023年6月

エディンバラ(スコットランド)- 2023年7月

CIP-1694 は、Cardanoのオンチェーンガバナンスの最初のイテレーションです。その重要性を考えると、Cardanoは将来を見据えて幅広いコンセンサスを達成することが不可欠です。この実現には、コミュニティが独自のガバナンスに関する議論やイベントを実施することも同様に重要です。 





  • バーチャルでも対面式でも可。場所や予定参加者数に応じてさまざまな規模のサポートが利用可能

  • アクセス可能かつ包摂的であること。対面式の場合は、現地の地理/コミュニティに即したものであることが期待される 

  • 応募者は、以下に関する能力や実績を提示できること

    • 地元のイベントチームの構築

    • 適切な会場の手配

    • 地元のベンダーを組織した飲食の提供

    • イベントのコミュニケーション、告知(追加サポートあり)

  • イベントを効果的に運営するために、CIP-1694の技術に関して造詣が深いことが理想とされる 

  • Cardanoコミュニティグループの運営経験や、イベントの主催経験は有利になる



  • 仮想イベント1件につき500米ドル、対面式イベント1件につき最大5,000米ドル

  • 金銭的サポートは、次をカバーすることを意図したものである

    • イベントの設置/会場、および必要なインフラにかかる費用

    • 軽食や食事(イベントに応じて)

    • モデレーターや主催者への報奨(金)等手配の管理

    • 参加者/主催者向けの商品や試供品

    • 認知、告知キャンペーン

  • Miroテンプレート、ブリーフィング文書、推奨議題などのワークショップ資料





1.     _申請形式:_コミュニティリーダーとグループは2023年5月1日までにイベント申請を行います 

2.     _イベントの審査と場所:_すべての応募申請は審査され、Cardanoエコシステムの最も広い範囲をカバーする場所と仮想イベントが選択されます 

3.     _最終確認:_承認されたイベント、参加方法が、5月5日までに全応募者とより広範なコミュニティに通知されます

4.     _オンライン説明会:5月8日から始まる週に、_承認された主催者と各チームに対して、2回のオンライン説明会(2つのタイムゾーンにまたがって)が開催されます。また、業務時間内にはさらなるサポートが利用できます。