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Essential Cardano360: Community Contributions & Consensus

Welcome to another episode of Cardano360, your ultimate guide to the latest developments in the Cardano ecosystem. As we near the end of the month, we're pleased to bring you the March edition of Essential Cardano360. In this episode, we will share some highlights from the recent IOG workshop held in Colorado, where we had the pleasure of welcoming a small yet representative group of community contributors. We'll also hear from Charles Hoskinson and the CIP authors as they sit down for a roundtable discussion on CIP-1694.

Later in the show, we’re joined by Wanchain, who will shed light on their solutions for decentralized non-custodial bridges and their contribution to the Cardano ecosystem. Additionally, Duncan Coutts, technical architect at Input Output Global (IOG), will provide us with the details about the latest Cardano network enhancement – Dynamic P2P.

We're dedicated to keeping you up to speed with the latest news and updates from the space, and we'll be taking a closer look at some of the projects building on Cardano. Tune in to hear the Aiken, CBIA, and Clay Nation teams share their latest news.

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